If you’re someone who enjoys playing with numbers, Keno is the perfect game for you. It’s simple and easy, all you need to do is sit down, select your numbers and watch the game unfold in front of you. A lottery-like game that most people actually confuse with Bingo, Keno has become increasingly popular in recent years and is available at both real and online casinos.

Historians are unsure about how Keno was created. Some legends suggest that a man named Cheung Leung invented the game as a way to finance his wars and the Great Wall of China, though some have disputed the claims after discovering that no such man ever existed.

What historians have agreed on, however, is that the game was brought to the US during the 1800s by Chinese immigrants. As the Chinese railway workers moved across the country, the game followed. Over time Keno became popular and was slowly added to casinos but faced challenges as US officials attempted to ban it time and time again.

How to Play Keno

Keno is one of the simplest gambling games you can play. The goal of Keno is to match the numbers of the balls coming out of the Keno machine (Or RNG if playing online) to the numbers on a player’s card by marking them on a scorecard.

To select Keno numbers, users are presented with a ticket or board that has the numbers one to 80 printed on it. Depending on the game they’re playing, users can select anything between 10 and 20 numbers. After selecting their numbers, players decide how much they want to bet on their numbers as well as how many rounds they want to play.

Following this, the Keno machine will select several balls and release them. If the drawn numbers match those on a player’s scorecard, the number is marked off and the player wins. How much they win depends entirely on the bet they had made earlier.

Online Keno

The online version of Keno is much easier, as all players have to do is select several numbers and watch as the random number generator (RNG) draws 20 numbers. Winnings are automatically added to a player’s account and the user can then play again.

Users can also try out free Keno, which allows players to try the game without having to spend any real money. This can be great for anyone who isn’t completely sure about gambling or for someone who wants to see how the game works. However, players should remember that, since it’s free, users cannot win any money either.