Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy, also known as Rummy, is a popular casino game played both in real-life and online. Rummy is an old game that has managed to survive over the years and is still played with as much enthusiasm today as it was back then. It’s exciting and fast-paced but lasts several minutes due to the game’s multiple stages.

As of today, historians are unsure how Gin Rummy was created. Three main theories are surrounding the mysterious game. Some theorise that Rummy originated in Mexico or by early Spanish settlers in the West. This is because the Spanish game of Conquian features similar rules and gameplay. Some have even suggested the Rummy originated in America before it spread to Mexico was renamed Conquian.

A second theory claims that French settlers in the West developed Gin Rummy as a variation of Poker as the two games share similar concepts of forming sequences. Card gamebook author John Scarne claims the name Rummy derived from the forgotten card game known as “Whisky Poker” which was later named “Rum Poker”, then “Rum” and then “Rummy”.

The final theory suggests that Rummy can be traced back to the Chinese card game of Mahjong, long before tiles were used. According to the theory, this dates Rummy back 1,000 years. However, others have argued that the game was developed by a Portuguese man who travelled to Japan.

Regardless, Rummy has become hugely popular on the online gambling scene, and that’s one thing theorists can agree on.

The Rules

Gin Rummy can be played with two or more player, though if there are six or more players will need to use a second deck of cards. Besides, players will need a sheet of paper and a pencil to keep track of scores. Gin Rummy games aim to improve the hand that you were dealt initially and earn points.

To do this, players must create two different types of hand combinations. They include:

  • Runs: Consecutive sequences of two or more cards of the same suit.
  • Sets: Three or more cards of the same rank which can include two identical cards of the same suit and rank.

The first person who makes their hand into a winning combination with one card remaining to discard wins the round.

Players can also play Gin Rummy with wildcards. This is done by adding Jokers to the game or by selecting a random number to act as a wild card. A wildcard can substitute any other card to help players make a winning combination. This makes the game much easier to play than the regular version.

How to Play Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy games begin with players designating a scorer and dealer. Players are then dealt a certain number of cards depending on the number of players playing. For example, if two, three or four people are playing, each player gets ten cards. If five people are playing, each player receives six cards. If more than five people are playing, players must use a second deck and deal seven cards each.

After this, the dealer places the remaining cards face-down on the centre of the table in what’s referred to as the stock. The card at the top of the pile is placed beside the pile face-up creating the discard pile. The player to the left of the dealer goes first and is presented with several options.

The player can either pick up a card on the discard pile or the top card from the stock. If they can make some or all of their cards into a combination, they can do so. If not, the player must discard one card from their hand and place it into the discard pile face-up.

The next player can either select the card the previous player discarded or pick the top card from the stock. The player must then make a combination with their cards or drop a card into the discard pile.

According to Gin Rummy rules, the game continues like this around the table until one player manages to create a winning combination, known as a Rummy, with most of their cards and is left with one card to discard. If the stockpile runs out, the dealer should shuffle the discard pile and set it up again.

After a player declares a Rummy, the cards left in each player’s hand are counted and added to the winner’s score. Numbered cards are taken at face value, but the face cards value at 10 points and aces, depending on the game being played, are counted at either one, 11 or 15.

Rummy Online

Gin Rummy online games work in the same way, though they’re just easier to play. Users are automatically dealt cards, and all they have to do is click or tap the discard or stockpiles to select cards and then tap which card from their hand they want to discard.

The game automatically moves around the table, and any winning combinations are played out immediately. Online Gin Rummy games also keep track of scores, so you don’t need to!


There are several Gin Rummy variations, but the most popular are Shanghai Rummy and Dummy Rummy.

In Shanghai Rummy, two decks are used in a game of two to four players. Each player is dealt with 11 cards, and this variation features a ‘Buying’ option in which players can discard a card and take another even when it isn’t their turn. Players can only do this twice during a round.

Dummy Rummy is similar to Shanghai Rummy in that two decks are used. Players are tasked with getting rid of all their cards by creating combinations and in this version, wildcards are always included in the game. This means that Joker cards and cards with a value of two can be used as substitutes for other cards, making it easier to win a round.

In addition to that, the point system works differently. Cards with values between three and nine are worth five points, King, Queen, and cards with a value of ten awards 10 points each and aces are worth 15 points. The Joker and cards with a value of two earn 50 points.