Dodgy Casinos

Unfortunately, like any industry there are establishments that are not trustworthy and who are out to simply scam people. Some of the following casino sites landed a spot on our blacklist back in 2013, while some have been shut down others are still running today. Find out whether the casinos that are still running have fixed their issues below.

Planet Kings

In 2013: Planet Kings casino received numerous complaints for failing to pay winnings and for ignoring player issues. Players registered with the online casino, formerly known as, discovered that their winnings had either disappeared or were unable to be withdrawn. When Rey8 rebranded and moved to their new website, players’ balances were either “lost” during the move, meaning they never appeared on the new website, or players were forced to provide endless amounts of documentation which the casino never seemed to receive.

Meanwhile, Planet King refused to respond to customer calls and emails. They did respond to live chats and promised to take action in fixing the problems but never did. Our attempts to raise the issues with Planet Kings were ignored.

Now: Planet Kings is no longer operating as an online casino. The website is still up, though the games and live chat are disabled. Shortly before closing, Planet Kings was accused of false advertising by players after advertising a no-deposit $35 free bonus on registration.

However, the operator never actually offered the promotion to new players upon registering. They also received complaints over their lack of customer support and slow response times. Many people who attempted to use live chat had to wait 15 minutes or more for a response while others never received a response.

Palace of Chance

In 2013: Palace of Chance had been hit with waves of complaints from players for several years for not paying winnings. According to players who had made winnings, they were forced to wait long periods of time before receiving their money, and they were the lucky ones!

The online casino was known for being highly fickle when it came to paying winnings. Players were required to meet strict criteria to win money and if they violated any of the casinos terms and conditions in the slightest way, the winnings were immediately voided.

Now: The casino is still running today though it’s now restricted from operating in the UK. User complaints from 2017 reveal that players were still being forced to wait a month or longer for their payments to be processed. It seems Palace of Chance is doing whatever it can to STOP paying players their winnings.

JoyLand Casino

In 2013: was another online casino website that wasn’t paying its players. Forums all over the internet were flooded with complaints that the firm wasn’t paying up and some users even claimed that their winnings vanished mysteriously. This was during a time in which PlayTech casinos were criticised for their slow payouts or for forcing players to work hard to obtain their rightful winnings. In addition, customer service refused to help, making the situation even worse.

Now: The JoyLand Casino website was officially shut down on January 31st, 2016 and no longer operates.

Slots Alley

In 2013: Slots Alley was criticised for cheating players and making sure they were losing bets. They were also accused of spamming players regularly.

Now: The site is still operating, though it’s completely disabled. Clicking the website leads to various pop-ups which take you to another website. (1 Click n Play Casino)

In 2013: This player was accused of shilling to get more players. Shilling involves an employee of the casino posting to a forum or social media site and promoting the firm by saying something like “I found this great casino today, I deposited $100 and received £300 bonus and I just cashed out $1,000 US. You should really try”. Then, another person associated with the casino would comment, claiming they had just won at the casino and praising it. Turns out, it was all lies.

Now: The casino no longer exists and trying to load up the website results in an error message.