Using Slots Bonuses

Understanding Slots Bonuses and How They Work

When joining any online casino you will be presented with a Welcoming Matching Deposit Bonus of anything between 100% to 300%. This in itself is a huge incentive and one that will truly offer you hours and hours of playing time.

After this welcoming bonus every online casino will offer you other bonuses, such as reload bonuses which are attached to every single deposit that you make after your initial deposit. This is truly extra credits for you to use, but as in everything there is a certain price to pay for these bonuses.

Every single bonus will come with terms and conditions. The normal terms and conditions for online casino bonuses will be a required play through rate. This rate can be anything from 10x to as high as 40 x the bonus. This means that if you deposit $100, and assuming the online casino has given you a 100% bonus, you will then receive $100 credited straight into your account. If the play through rate is 10 x then you will have to make $1 000 worth of wagers before you will be able to cash out your $100 that you originally deposited or the $100 that the casino gave you or any of the winnings that you may have accumulated.

Another consideration here is also what games you are playing as each game has its own percentage that is used towards the play though rate. For example Keno and slots will count as a 100% whereas Sic Bo and Pai Gow 50% and Blackjack or Baccarat 10%.

Are these bonuses worth it? Well that is truly at the discretion of each individual player. Some players do not mind the play through rate as they are truly playing for the love of the game and will just carry on depositing money into their account and accepting bonuses as their games are not about the winning, but more about the playing, but if you are a player that likes to keep a strict control over your account and likes the option of being able to withdraw your money and your winnings at a moment’s notice then accepting the bonuses will definitely not be for you.


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