Slots Payouts

Understanding how Slots Payouts Work

Anyone who has ever walked into any land based casino or logged onto an online casino, who is a novice with absolutely no experience of the gambling world, has started off with playing the slot games.

Maybe it is because they are normally positioned right at the front of all casinos, or in the case of the online casino, the quantity of slot games offered or maybe it is the allure of the big jackpots offered or maybe is it something as simple as slots being the least intimidating game available. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for certain. Once most players have played a slot game, they progress to the more complicated games and never leave the slot arena because of the fun, the excitement and the wonderful cash prizes that are won here.

Slot machines normally have a reasonably high payout rate, which is great for those who enjoy winning, but each slot machine is governed by a Slot Payout Schedule. This schedule is built into the machine when it is originally built and sometimes updated by the technicians on a regular basis.

Slot Payout Schedules are determined by mathematically determining what the manufacturer or casino expects the slot machine to payout and what they would like it to return in profit.

The payout that will be determined will be the sizes of various payouts, when payouts are made, after how many games are played or amount of money spent what percentage will be returned to the player and the return to the casino will be what percentage of money will be returned to the online casino or land based casino in relation to what is being offered as prize money. This percentage will cover aspects such as running costs, salaries, purchase of new equipment and the profit that casino would like to make.

Slot Payout Schedules are there to ensure that everyone feels like a winner. The player will get their high with the lights flashing and hear the caching of the slot machine while the online casino or land based casino will make their profit and cover their overheads.


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