Slots Variations

Between online casinos and land based casino’s, Slots are definitely considered one of the most popular games. Here thousands or thousands of players congregate to try out the different slot machines and to win that Jackpot that most machines offer.

Slot machines were originally called fruit machines as the symbols used were usually fruit related with the cherry being the coveted fruit. If you got three red cherries in a line, you hit the jackpot. The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco in Califirnia in 1887, which had one payout line and 3 reels.

Today this has all changed, and although this type of slot can still be found in any online or land based casino, the amount of payout lines has increased dramatically, as now you can get up to as many as 25 payout lines and the reels have gone from three reels to as many as five, and although they still refer to this machine as a fruit machine in Britain, the name that this game is generally known as is slot games or Pokies in Australia and New Zealand.

To play the slot machine is very easy. Each game has its own rewards, its own bonuses and its own incentives. Most machines come with superb graphics, themes an animation and it generally just depends on what you are looking for as to what machine you will choose.

Once you have chosen your slot game, you will be presented with a screen with all the different aspects and challenges of the game. Some games have bonus games, wild cards, scatter symbols, free spins and many more little extras and twists to each individual game.

The amount of reels will determine the amount that can be wagered on this game. It is a standard procedure to allow people to bet anything from one line (being the minimum) to five lines (being the maximum) and your winnings will be determined by the amount that you bet. Most of these games have a Progressive Jackpot amount attached to them as well, but the trick to win this Jackpot is to bet the maximum amount otherwise you will be paid out pro rata.

Slots are fast, fun and exciting and if lady luck is sitting at that machine, you could truly walk away with more money than you know what to do with.


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