One of the most popular games played at any online casino or land based casino is Roulette, as this game is truly synonymous with laughter, fun, excitement and absolute anticipation. The wheel spins, the ball rolls and everyone holds their breath until the ball rests in any given slot.

There are a few different types of roulette that can be played online. There is American Roulette, European Roulette which is also knows as French Roulette, 3D roulette games and Multi Wheel Roulette games.

The difference between the four games is truly minimal. French or European Roulette has 37 slots that are alternatively coloured red and black. There are numbers 1 to 36 with an extra slot marked 0. American Roulette has exactly the same except they have 37 slots and the extra slot is marked with a 00. 3D roulette gives you a 3D graphical aspect of the online game and multi wheel roulette allows you to bet once on the roulette table, but have four different roulette wheels spinning and each wheel will payout individually in relation to what bets have been placed.

To start any game of roulette bets have to be placed on the roulette table. There are many different types of bets that can be placed on the table. There are straight bets, column bets, street bets, basket bets, outside bets, dozen bets, column bets, double street bets, and just so many other forms of betting here.

Once everyone has placed their bets, on the table, the croupier will call no more bets, and the roulette wheel will be spun with the ball thrown in in the opposite direction to the spinning wheel. When the wheel slows down and the ball comes to rest in a particular colour and numbered grove, bets will be paid out accordingly.

Online roulette is a fast game, it is truly and exciting game and it is a game, that once learnt, can definitely have huge returns for you. The beauty about this game is that there are so many different betting options that, when bet correctly, you can always be on the winning side.


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