Dodgy Casinos - Rogue Casino Warnings

Unfortunately like any industry there are establishments that are not trustworthy and who are out to simply scam people. The following list of dodgy casino sites should be avoided at a costs.

Reported by Casinomeister - February 2013

Planet Kings (was

No-pay, ignoring player issues Over the last few months we've received a number of issues where players of the former site -- now Planet Kings -- are finding that their balances have either disappeared or they are not being allowed to withdraw. Apparently Rey8 changed management (rebranded?) and in the process the old players were automatically moved to the new site. Player's balances were either "lost in transit" during the switch-over -- the simply never appeared in the new PK accounts -- or PK management is demanding endless amounts of documentation (which they mysteriously never receive), or they are simply ignoring the withdrawal requests. PK management is not responding to player calls or emails; in chat they promise action but never deliver. The end result is that player's balances are either MIA or are locked in at Planet Kings.

All attempts to raise these issues with Rey8/Planet Kings have thus far been ignored.

Palace of Chance have over a number of years had reports of "Not Paying" - The end result is that should you win at this casino, you can expect to be thoroughly vetted and to wait a long time to receive your winnings - if you are lucky. They might pay eventually should you have met each and every condition placed on these deals but be aware that if you have violated any of their terms in the slightest way, you can expect to have your winnings voided. This could include something as mundane as using two free chip codes in a row without depositing in between, even though they emailed you the free chip code themselves.

Reports to player forums have been flooding in that winnings have not being honoured. Their was also a claim that a players account was emptied of his rightful winnings and that neither the winnings nor the remaining account balance had been returned. For the past year or so a high number of casinos that use Playtech software have been reported as not honouring pay-outs or have been extremely slow in meeting these pay-outs. Over and above these issues, players are reporting that some PlayTech casinos are making them jump thru so many hoops to obtain their winnings that it's next to impossible to obtain any straight, honest answers.

I'd avoid playing at -

The possibility of using cheating software is only matched by this casino groups enjoyment of distributing spam. Not just any type of spam though, they take it to the next level and have tried to hide their wicked ways by reputable casino's information and IP addresses into the header info. I'd give all these casinos the flick and not bother playing. (1 Click n Play Casino - Now in a Foreign Language)

One of the worst things that a casino can do apart from not paying its players is to solicit players by the means of shilling. This type of activity consists of someone from the casino or associated to it posting to a forum and stating something like "I found this great casino today, I deposited $100 and received $300 bonus and I just cashed out $1000US. You should really try". Then 1 or more people again in association to the casino posts that they too had just won... You should get the picture now. Firstly it's out right lies, any casino that would do this can't be trusted.



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