Bonus Slots Guide

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Unlike other online casino games, slots are much like Bingo online and don't require you to study up on strategy, however, to increase your overall slots play enjoyment, I've been using a few basic slot techniques. Over the years I've found that these increase my bonus slots game time & these have also helped me in obtaining a few extra wins too.

Ultimately the biggest factor when playing slots is your bankroll management. Now this doesn't mean you have to have wad of cash to play bonus video slots, it means that whatever sum of money you have, you need to wager it carefully.

Slots are notorious for running hot and cold, that is they are either paying exceptionally well or they are only giving out little wins combined with long streaks of losing streaks. Though, don't let this intimidate you. If you use positive bankroll management you can usually ride through the lean times.

As an example, lets say my starting bankroll is £150, depending on which bonus slot I'm playing I usually commence betting at £2.25 a spin. If the slots is paying then I'm going hopefully land myself a good win quickly. H owever, if you the bonus slots is not paying I'll take this down to £130 and drop my bet right down to 90p and do this till I either hit a good win or I reach £100. At this point I'll change slots, it's likely that the slot I'm playing is cold and it's not going to pay.

If you've ever heard the expression a gamblers gut feeling, I've found that this has probably saved me more cash and has got me a lot more wins that I can remember. It's like being street wise, street savvy. Maybe its come from playing years of online casino slots. The major thing is your bankroll management and making your bankroll work for you, if a slot isn't paying try another bonus slot.

Now if your a beginner and new to not only playing slots but also playing at an online casino, my best advice it to take things slowly. You may like to play for free at my free bonus slots these are microgaming slots and although the flash software doesn't contain every version of bonus slots that are available in the download casino software suite, you will certainly be able to play some of my favourite free slot machines such as Thunderstuck, Spring Break, Ladies Night & Tomb Raider.

When you feel comfortable you may like to peruse the bonus slots chart or try one of the casinos in my recommended side panels. Whatever you do, remember there is no guarantee that your going to win.The golden rule, don't chase your losses, tomorrow is another day and maybe Lady Luck will be at your side then.


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