The cards are always stacked, the felt is always brushed and the croupier is always waiting to deal your cards at any Blackjack table that you choose.

Online Blackjack is fast, it is exciting and it certainly hold an appeal that no other online table game holds. This game is all about numbers and getting the cards in your hand to add up to exactly 21.

A full deck of 52 cards is used in each game and at the beginning of any online Blackjack game, before any cards are dealt a wager is placed on the table. Thereafter two cards are then dealt to the player and two to the house. Each card represents a different value and is added up as follows: Ace can either represent one or eleven. Two to Nine are taken at face value and Ten, Jack, Queen and King all represent the value of ten.

The house is restricted to one rule and that is if they are holding cards to the value of 17 or more, they have to stand and cannot take any more cards, but the player is not restricted to this. If you wish to ask for a third, fourth or fifth card (a hit) you are free to do so, but remember that should you take cards that exceed the accumulative amount of 21 you are bust and out of the games.

However should you have two cards that are numerically the same, you are able to split your hand and make two separate hands out of them. These two hands will be dealt with as if they are taken from separate players, so a second wager has to be placed on the table and cards cannot be swopped between the two hands.

If the banker and the player both have the same value at the end of the game, then it will be considered a “push” and a second game, which will then have the old wager amount and the new games wagers, will be played and the winner will take it all.

Blackjack is an easy game to play and it is certainly one of the more popular online casinos games played at any online casino.



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